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Yarn Store IV: Dreams Yarnshoppe @ Glorietta 5

Yarn is a good therapy for me. And today, i wanted so much to see yarns that I decided to finally search the dreams yarnshoppe in Glorietta 5.

Dreams Yarnshoppe @ Glorietta 5

Dreams Yarnshoppe @ Glorietta 5

They have (of course) relayout their shelves. The first time i visited Dreams was when it was still in Glorietta (1 or 2??) And that place was too small and the yarns are stucked up in shelves that i did not much appreciate the store. But this time around, I was in awe.

SO MANY YARNS!!! (I love yarns!)

But they are so expensive. I cannot pick much because i am always considering the amount of money I am going to put  on resources i might not use.

But the people inside were so accomodating, I feel awkward about not buying anything. Well I want to buy! I really do. And mike gave me permission to spend. And that’s good right? Coz he did not tell me the limit. But I wish he did.. sigh.

It’s really hard to spend so much money and you’re thinking about paying a 25K cake.

I picked three out of their ‘yarns that are on sale’. Each ball costs P190. (OUCH!)

They also have the yarns i can buy from baguio and pasig. But of course (quite expensive) than to those I already have. Considering it’s in Glorietta.

One (big) ball of baguio yarn costs around P50 to P70 and theirs are around P120. Big difference right?

Still I am quite satisfied with my yarn purchase today.

August 11, 2009 at 2:34 pm 6 comments

Yarn Store III: Bodega @ Rosario, Pasig

I have a multiply account and have been blogging about anything (and of course about yarns and crocheted stuffs) when a fellow multiply user commented on my blog post : Baguio’s Treasures

Comment on Blog

Comment on Blog

So that’s just what we did. One weekend, I asked michael to accompany me to that place without even knowing the name of the store or if it really exists. We took a bus going to Ayala, and we took off at Ortigas Avenue, climbed the pink pedestrian overpass under the MRT, walked at the side of Robinson’s Galleria where jeepneys are abound.

We looked for jeepneys with a sign that says : Rosario.

We passed by the C5 Ortigas Flyover, the rosario bridge and then right after the bridge is a Pedestrian Overpass. We asked the driver to stop the jeepney. From there we climbed the overpass across to go the the other side of the street. There were really lots of ‘bodega’ [Storage Houses] that sell yarns by kilo.

the yarns they are selling are like those we saw in baguio.

Yarns from Rosario

Yarns from Rosario

One fellow blogger, post an article about the yarns she bought from there. 🙂

August 10, 2009 at 3:06 pm 9 comments

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