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Pyschedelic Shell – How I made it (Part I)

Mines View Park Entrance

Mines View Entrance

Psychedelic Shell

The inspiration:

It wasn’t an original design. In fact if you visit the stalls in mines view and wright park, you would see a lot of these in their shelves. What inspired me to make one too was it was when I obtained my first batch of baguio yarns and the lady who pointed me the place to buy them was making on these particular top.

Gold Tulip Crochet Hooks - Mine was the one with 3 and 4 on the Grip

Gold Tulip Crochet Hooks - Mine was the one with 3 and 4 on the Grip

I bought one of her finished product after asking her the exact whereabouts of the yarn market. The top was pretty cheap like around a few hundred bucks. Pretty cheap for the effort. But the yarns used were a bit rough, and oh well dirty. Nothing that can’t be fixed after a few washings.

Lucky for me, I had my hook then. See I (almost) always have crochet hooks with me. And so i was excited to start crocheting and I wanted to recreate the one I bought. I had 2 kgs yarns of varying texture and weight. That’s 8 balls of 7 colors (2 white, red, black, green, blue, pink and yellow). The colors I decided to use were yellow, black and white. These colors complement each other but i have one problem. The white yarn is of heavier weight.

In a place where you have limited resources, your only option is to improvise.

I opted to use multiple strands of the other two, to compensate for the weight of the white thread. One problem solved. ‘too excited to start.


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