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Psychedelic Shell – How I made it (Part II)

Apparently, its called popcorn yarn

Apparently, it's called popcorn yarn

The materials:

The white yarn looks like this one. It has extra frills that when you crochet with it, some stitches pop out. Maybe it’s the reason they called it ‘popcorn yarn’. It’s hard to crochet it with the size of the hook I had then, but I managed. (like i always do).

The yellow and black yarns are like the threads used in sewing but in multiple strands. The yellow yarn has 6 strands of these threads and the black has 12 strands. Though the black yarn i used has thinner strands (i think half the thickness of those in yellow). So in effect these two yarns, i think, are of the same weight.

Actual Picture of the yarns I  bought in baguio

Yellow yarn 4 d psychedelic shell Remnants of the black yarn

The principles of design:

Parts of the top

Parts of the top

Increasing the stitches in the shell stitch

Increasing the stitches in the shell stitch

I made the foundation chain a bit loose because the design requires the fabric to be stretchy. Another thing is that the fabric should drape from the shoulders down. Basically, i had to work this in circle and that the foundation circle should be wider.And i have to add stitches as i go.

After picking up the principles comprising the top, I felt confident I could imitate it. And off I went. When and where you should add stitches depends on you discretion (how you would want the fabric to fall), your patience and yarn shortage.  I am picturing it should go like the picture on the left.  I thought that increasing stitches depends on the length. So the longer ive done, the more stitches i made. One thing to keep in mind is to keep the ‘basic shell’ intact, so when you look at it, your eyes will see the widening of the stitch from two dc’s up to the increasing end.


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