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Drawing Crochet Patterns in Inkscape



Haayy… I’ve been trying to ‘draw’ crochet pattern diagrams using the old fashioned pen and paper. Of course, none worked out as I always end up crumpling the paper afterwards. When I learned how to draw Scalable Vector Graphics (using Inkscape)  it has been useful in my work. From drawing ‘icons’ to logos and skinning user interfaces. I use inkscape for every graphical recreation I need. Since I installed inkscape, I almost have not been using my pen tablet (since it’s not compatible with inkscape) and i can draw in inkscape just using  a mouse. or just the mousepad.

Here are some of my firt svg’s:

Some of Scalable Vector Graphics I drew in inkscape

Now since I’m fed up with trying to draw crochet patterns, and when it dawned on me that i could actually use inkscape, I’ve been trying (again) to master inkscape and draw stitch diagrams. So far, I am improving, and i have somehow found the technique on creating stitch diagrams. So as a ‘yehey’! to this newly acquired skill, I am giving away my instructions on recreating the winter solace bolero.

Creating Crochet Pattern Diagram in Inkscape

Creating Crochet Pattern Diagram in Inkscape

For those of you who are curious about this crochet pattern,click here 🙂 Disclaimer: I am no pro in writing down isntructions. Much more, I admit I am not also good in following one. This instructions are here just to share what i have learned so far in this field. Feel free to write down comments/corrections.


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