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First of the MTO’s (Made to Order)

Red and Black Top

Red and Black Top

A friend asked me to make her a crocheted blouse. In particular, this one:

Now the problem was the yarn used for this blouse was super thin. It actually took me months to finish this. Plus this one resulted to a failed attempt to follow a pattern.


I had another red yarn from baguio. This yarn’s a very soft two ply cotton yarn. I am not careful with the gauge and when i finished making 8 daisy squares and 4 stretchy squares. I got this:

Of course, I negotiated with my friend regarding the current progress of her request. I gave a price and she agreed. AS long I could really finish this.

in action on my back

Since the yarn used was bulkier than the previous yarn, I made a bigger size. Though worrying about the fit, i went on crocheting until I ran out of yarn. I was confident that I bought a similar yarn from Pasig, but when I checked, the yarns were different. The one I got from Pasig was a three ply acrylic yarn. Frustrated. I pulled out the stitches again and tried to figure a way out.

Even momoink and yakee were helping me  on studying the pattern of the  blouse.

Here’s what I got so far.

cris red

Now.. let’s just see what’s gonna happen in a day or two. 🙂


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