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Yarn Store I: The Hangar Market

I discovered Hangar Market when Mike and I went to Baguio last November 2007 to celebrate our anniversary. It was a five day holiday. And it was our second time to go there.

On the second day of our vacation we decided to visit Wright Park, and see if we could try riding horses (but we did not) instead we just passed by the local shops selling crafts and delicacies. I saw a lady crocheting. It was not that she is crocheting that prompt me to approach her. It was the yarn/thread she was using. It was not the usual yarns (mercerized cotton yarns) that I could easily buy from any department or school supplies stores. It was the same type as those used in their (Baguio) knitted crafts.

I asked her if she could sell me her yarns. But she said that they could be bought from a market place named “Hangar Market” uphill the main city. I plead my boyfriend to accompany there and he obliged. We were able to search the market by just asking the locals (from the Burnham park) to the local market. We climbed overpasses, walked a hundred miles, got lost from the crowded streets and hiked our way. (since the uphill market is literall UP, the street is almost angled 30degrees (or more than that) from the ground) And finally we saw the hangar market.

It was not a friendly sight. The building was old and dark. And the lady who saw us approaching the building immediately warned us to hold onto our bags tightly. For there are many thieves lingering around the place.

Of course, that did not stop me from wanting to go. Inside the building, yarn merchants were waiting. We asked around were we could buy yarns used for crocheting and knitting. Those that have not been made (yet) to anything. And we were told to climb to the second floor.

HANGAR Market (Up the stairs)

HANGAR Market (Up the stairs)

The second floor was a feast for souvenir buyers. Everything you could buy at tourist spots in Baguio was from here. The knitted jacket I bought that costed me P300.00 was just P200 (or lesser) here.
We saw two stalls selling yarns (the one was closed since it was very late already) (We actually saw them making the scarves, and it was my first time seeing knitting machines!)

I asked how much a yarn costs on the opened yarn store. And the lady said P120. For the velvet yarns.

Wow! That much? (I thought)

Of course I am cheap. I do not want to spend much for a single (though big) ball of yarn. But we travelled far and (with only our eyes talking Mike told me I could buy) .I decided to buy just two balls. And the lady brought the yarns in a weighing scale and said an amount lesser thanwhat she told. Oh, I thought it was P120? So we bought two balls so it should be P240 right? But she said that the cost is per kilo.

Wow! I said again. So my eyes feasted on the yarns.. We could buy more but our problem was bringing home the bulk. So Mike allowed me to purchase just two kilograms of yarns. But that was 2Kg worth of sheer happiness.

It was what I most enjoyed during our entire vacation. (Except of course to the fact that I was with Michael all that week) ❤


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