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Drawing Crochet Patterns in Inkscape



Haayy… I’ve been trying to ‘draw’ crochet pattern diagrams using the old fashioned pen and paper. Of course, none worked out as I always end up crumpling the paper afterwards. When I learned how to draw Scalable Vector Graphics (using Inkscape)  it has been useful in my work. From drawing ‘icons’ to logos and skinning user interfaces. I use inkscape for every graphical recreation I need. Since I installed inkscape, I almost have not been using my pen tablet (since it’s not compatible with inkscape) and i can draw in inkscape just using  a mouse. or just the mousepad.

Here are some of my firt svg’s:

Some of Scalable Vector Graphics I drew in inkscape

Now since I’m fed up with trying to draw crochet patterns, and when it dawned on me that i could actually use inkscape, I’ve been trying (again) to master inkscape and draw stitch diagrams. So far, I am improving, and i have somehow found the technique on creating stitch diagrams. So as a ‘yehey’! to this newly acquired skill, I am giving away my instructions on recreating the winter solace bolero.

Creating Crochet Pattern Diagram in Inkscape

Creating Crochet Pattern Diagram in Inkscape

For those of you who are curious about this crochet pattern,click here 🙂 Disclaimer: I am no pro in writing down isntructions. Much more, I admit I am not also good in following one. This instructions are here just to share what i have learned so far in this field. Feel free to write down comments/corrections.


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My winter solace yarns

The ‘ber’ months are coming. And it’s already cold outside. The weather’s sometimes a bit tricky.I find it bothersome to wear long sleeves or sweater because, even though it’s raining, the sun would still show up sometime in the afternoon or if I am inside crowded places like MRT or passenger jeepneys, a cardigan may still be too hot to wear. But once i stepped out I could feel the cold breeze around my shoulders.  It’d be nice to make another bolero. Just the right size to cover the bare shoulders. Something I could easily take off once the sun shows up or before entering a crowded train.

On my newly arrived yarns there’s  a very cool shade of turquoise.  The shade will remind you of the coming season.

ICT Variegated Turquoise

ICT Variegated Turquoise

The yarn is 100% mercerized cotton. It’s a locally produced yarn from Indonesia. One ball is 100 gram. Just enough for a small-sized bolero.  Hook-size to use would be 2.00 to 2.10 mm.  The threads kinda thick. Thicker than the locally available monaco thread. If you wishes to buy a similar yarn, this multiply user has this on her for sale list.  Or you could buy from

It’s a good thing too, that I have this soft plush yarn from Pasig.

Soft Plush Yarn - Color Blue Green

Soft Plush Yarn - Color Blue Green

I don’t actually know what’s the official name of this yarn (as all the yarns i bought there 🙂 ) But looking at the Berocco’s yarn list, their Soft Plush Yarn comes closest to the one I have.

If these two yarns are actually of the same kind, it’d be 100% Nylon. Hook size to use can be 3.0mm to 4.0 mm. I have a medium size ball (weight is unknown).

Berroco Plush™  100% Nylon

Berroco Plush™ 100% Nylon

Funny, coz i never found any use of the soft plush yarn from Pasig. Since it’s too thick to be made into any comfy clothing. Especially here in Philippines, even if it’s cold it’s not practical to crochet anything from this yarn.

Apparently these two yarns are great for each other. The colors are almost homogeneous and the textures are complementary. The plush yarn is soft to touch while (as all mercerized cotton threads are) the ICT is a bit rough and hard.

I am gonna use the cotton yarn for the body of the bolero and the plush yarn for the borders. Just to add accent.

Incidentally these two yarns are freebie for purchasing 2 kilograms of yarns from each store. Wow.. Great deal 🙂

August 18, 2009 at 4:25 am 1 comment

Over a cup of coffee

Ahh.. when I  have so many things I still have to do and the deadline is just around the corner, I cannot survive without a cup of coffee..

Crocheting over a cup of coffee

Crocheting over a cup of coffee

And a crochet hook to make me happy.

Brown Shrug in diamond motif

Brown Shrug in diamond motif

Back of Shrug

Back of Shrug

I am thinking of writing down the instructions to make this shrug 🙂

August 13, 2009 at 7:48 am 3 comments

Still Hyped!

When you have so many yarns and so many hooks and you have just realized it, maybe you’d be as hyped as I am.
It was a new challenge for me to try making a hooded bolero. Without actually knowing how to make one I just patterned it from one of my hooded blouses.
From friday, in between building flex projects, waiting for the server to load, inside the 30 minute ride in the mrt to home. From saturday morning til just before watching GI Joe.
My hands were already throbbing in pain. But I did not mind. And I was so happy finishing it. I wore it during the barkada movie hang out. 🙂

I am now trying to write the instructions of this clothing (and draw the pattern too!!!)

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Yarn Store IV: Dreams Yarnshoppe @ Glorietta 5

Yarn is a good therapy for me. And today, i wanted so much to see yarns that I decided to finally search the dreams yarnshoppe in Glorietta 5.

Dreams Yarnshoppe @ Glorietta 5

Dreams Yarnshoppe @ Glorietta 5

They have (of course) relayout their shelves. The first time i visited Dreams was when it was still in Glorietta (1 or 2??) And that place was too small and the yarns are stucked up in shelves that i did not much appreciate the store. But this time around, I was in awe.

SO MANY YARNS!!! (I love yarns!)

But they are so expensive. I cannot pick much because i am always considering the amount of money I am going to put  on resources i might not use.

But the people inside were so accomodating, I feel awkward about not buying anything. Well I want to buy! I really do. And mike gave me permission to spend. And that’s good right? Coz he did not tell me the limit. But I wish he did.. sigh.

It’s really hard to spend so much money and you’re thinking about paying a 25K cake.

I picked three out of their ‘yarns that are on sale’. Each ball costs P190. (OUCH!)

They also have the yarns i can buy from baguio and pasig. But of course (quite expensive) than to those I already have. Considering it’s in Glorietta.

One (big) ball of baguio yarn costs around P50 to P70 and theirs are around P120. Big difference right?

Still I am quite satisfied with my yarn purchase today.

August 11, 2009 at 2:34 pm 6 comments


attributed to a needlework made by interlocking and looping a thread with a hooked yarn.


August 7, 2009 at 5:39 am 1 comment

Crocheting as I go

Sometimes when i crochet. I just crochet as I go. Meaning, I do not intend to do anything at all. I just want to crochet.

For the past weeks, I just want to come out with a desirable pattern. So I try to combine a few stitches here and there. Pulling strings out again if I dislike the outcome or just cutting off the yarn and starting again.
Finally i decided to come up with a striped pattern. I have a cardigan that  is striped s and i liked it. So i have to improvise another. I came up with this:
Its a combination of chain, treble and single stitches. The good thing about combining treble and single crochet (sc) in a solid stripe is that it provides a compact look but still maintains the stretchy characteristic of crocheted materials. It is the sc that  holds the treble stitches in place. The chain stitches are there to provide the desired ‘crochet-lace’ effect. I expect this crocheted garment to have so many holes.
I stitched 200 chains as a foundation. It covers the entire length of my arm. I was meaning to crochet another long-sleeved cardigan. But when I had crocheted up to the fourth stripe, i reconsidered. The vertical stripes make me look thinner. and mike said that the pattern does not look good on a sleeve.
I shifted the crocheted piece 90 degrees and tried to wrap it around my body The ends did not meet. So if it’s not gonna be a long-sleeved cardigan, it should be a bolero. And with the body already completed, i went crocheting what should be the ‘sleeves’ of the bolero.
After finishing one side, i thought that i’d rather have this as a blouse. So after finishing the sleeves, i connected the two ends.  And crocheted more rows on the other side of the garment. It ended up like this. And there’s a missing wide space up front. Deciding to make the neckline loose I patched the space with two right triangles.
It should look okay right? As having wide neckline meant to emphasize the chest area. And theoretically it looks good on most girls wearing a tube underneath. With hopes high, i continued crocheting until the garment covered the entire length of my torso. I fitted it. And it did not look okay. Well.
What’s to emphasize when there’s nothing at all?
Hating it, I put the whole thing in my closet after pulling out the stitches on the neckline. This is the third project i was putting aside. And it’s not a good sign. Especially that I stopped crocheting for months. And when i decided to crochet again, nothing came out good.
Next morning, saturday. I had nothing to do and the wasted top’s still in my head. I decided to get it back and reconsider. If a wide neckline is not good for me, there’s no way to go but to close the space. I have so many buttons and mylein says i look good on buttoned shirts. and so i crocheted overlapping squares on the space. But because it was a morning filled with frustrations over wasted crochet and also with empty stomach,  the squares overlap too much that i could tie them together.
Mylein saw it and said that it looks good enough. And maybe i could crochet the ends a bit longer to make the ribbon fall more naturally. And that’s what i did. It turned out okay and i liked it. I wore it the next day when Mike and I went out.

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