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Things to do with a crocheted chain – voodoo doll head

Free Instructions here.


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Drawing Crochet Patterns in Inkscape



Haayy… I’ve been trying to ‘draw’ crochet pattern diagrams using the old fashioned pen and paper. Of course, none worked out as I always end up crumpling the paper afterwards. When I learned how to draw Scalable Vector Graphics (using Inkscape)  it has been useful in my work. From drawing ‘icons’ to logos and skinning user interfaces. I use inkscape for every graphical recreation I need. Since I installed inkscape, I almost have not been using my pen tablet (since it’s not compatible with inkscape) and i can draw in inkscape just using  a mouse. or just the mousepad.

Here are some of my firt svg’s:

Some of Scalable Vector Graphics I drew in inkscape

Now since I’m fed up with trying to draw crochet patterns, and when it dawned on me that i could actually use inkscape, I’ve been trying (again) to master inkscape and draw stitch diagrams. So far, I am improving, and i have somehow found the technique on creating stitch diagrams. So as a ‘yehey’! to this newly acquired skill, I am giving away my instructions on recreating the winter solace bolero.

Creating Crochet Pattern Diagram in Inkscape

Creating Crochet Pattern Diagram in Inkscape

For those of you who are curious about this crochet pattern,click here 🙂 Disclaimer: I am no pro in writing down isntructions. Much more, I admit I am not also good in following one. This instructions are here just to share what i have learned so far in this field. Feel free to write down comments/corrections.

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Winter Solace Bolero – Pattern and Instructions

This pattern moved to a new home. Visit here.

Description of the Project

A cool blend of turquiose and white hues that will remind you of the coming holiday  season. This practical project uses up a simple combination of double-crochet and chain stitches adorned with fluffy plush yarn.  I used just a 100g ball of Indonesian Cotton Thread. You could actually substitute any locally available crochet thread and just adjust the gauge. Luckily for us, the soft plush turquiose yarn used for the borders of the clothing is available locally. I got this one from Bodega sa Rosario, Pasig.

The bolero is made up of 5 parts, crocheted individually. 2 sleeves, 2 front parts and the back part. I sewed them together using left over crochet thread. Then I added the border. The border’s just plain dc. I used automatic locks to close the front part. And attached two medium sized white textured buttons in front to accentuate.

Finished product:

winter solace bolero

winter solace bolero

This pattern moved to a new home. Visit here.

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First of the MTO’s (Made to Order)

Red and Black Top

Red and Black Top

A friend asked me to make her a crocheted blouse. In particular, this one:

Now the problem was the yarn used for this blouse was super thin. It actually took me months to finish this. Plus this one resulted to a failed attempt to follow a pattern.


I had another red yarn from baguio. This yarn’s a very soft two ply cotton yarn. I am not careful with the gauge and when i finished making 8 daisy squares and 4 stretchy squares. I got this:

Of course, I negotiated with my friend regarding the current progress of her request. I gave a price and she agreed. AS long I could really finish this.

in action on my back

Since the yarn used was bulkier than the previous yarn, I made a bigger size. Though worrying about the fit, i went on crocheting until I ran out of yarn. I was confident that I bought a similar yarn from Pasig, but when I checked, the yarns were different. The one I got from Pasig was a three ply acrylic yarn. Frustrated. I pulled out the stitches again and tried to figure a way out.

Even momoink and yakee were helping me  on studying the pattern of the  blouse.

Here’s what I got so far.

cris red

Now.. let’s just see what’s gonna happen in a day or two. 🙂

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Things to do with a crocheted chain: Improvised Headband

Improvised Headband

Improvised Headband

Materials needed:

Variegated Pink Wool and Pink Cotton Yarn

Variegated Pink Wool and Pink Cotton Yarn

Materials for the headband

Materials for the headband

  • YARNS (of course!) – I used a variegated pink wool (bulky) and soft cotton
  • Plain black headband
  • A hook (4.5 mm)
  • Adhesive tape (Double sided) – Glue STick is much better, mind you.
  • some leaves to accentuate
  • button for the flower applique
  • needle

Using the variegated wool yarn crochet chain to cover the entire length of the head band.

Cover the headband with the crocheted chain. Put it in place using an adhesive tape. It is much better to glue it with a glue stick, but my glue gun’s at home back in the province so i have to improvise.

Create a 5 Flower applique  using the solid pink cotton yarn.

– Chain 3 slip stitch to form a ring. *Chain 4, slip stitch into the ring * (Repeat 4 more times)

Attach a yellow button to the flower.

Attach five leaves at one side of the headband.

Attach the flower applique by sewing it into the headband.

🙂 Now you have an improvised headband. Pretty easy right?

Momoink loves it so much that she tries it on:

Momoink loves the headband

Momoink loves the headband

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Over a cup of coffee

Ahh.. when I  have so many things I still have to do and the deadline is just around the corner, I cannot survive without a cup of coffee..

Crocheting over a cup of coffee

Crocheting over a cup of coffee

And a crochet hook to make me happy.

Brown Shrug in diamond motif

Brown Shrug in diamond motif

Back of Shrug

Back of Shrug

I am thinking of writing down the instructions to make this shrug 🙂

August 13, 2009 at 7:48 am 3 comments

Still Hyped!

When you have so many yarns and so many hooks and you have just realized it, maybe you’d be as hyped as I am.
It was a new challenge for me to try making a hooded bolero. Without actually knowing how to make one I just patterned it from one of my hooded blouses.
From friday, in between building flex projects, waiting for the server to load, inside the 30 minute ride in the mrt to home. From saturday morning til just before watching GI Joe.
My hands were already throbbing in pain. But I did not mind. And I was so happy finishing it. I wore it during the barkada movie hang out. 🙂

I am now trying to write the instructions of this clothing (and draw the pattern too!!!)

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